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From the minimum to have maximum.

The painting can express the most experience with minimal colors. To incorporate artistic expression using minimum resources for maximum communication sensory and emotional experience. I have been trying to do it all my time for my painting.  I consider it important to choose the colors correctly. The ability to do that is important.

From the minimum impulses to create the maximum move the ordinariness of the situation or object to the unusualness. It could be the end of a rainy day or night moonlight gives me ideas for painting. I’m still looking for ideas in the natura and trying to create in different variants. I choose the best, and I painting with enthusiasm.

There are turbulent events in world politics, the economy and the social sphere. And this is sorrow  in my heart, when that so often are bloody. But we still have faith, hope and love to search for the bright days for us. With expressive colors, I express that discomfort and  dissatisfaction with what is happening. Art should bring peace and joy to all. However, it should lead to a solution for life on our Blue planet. That’s what I want and convey in my paintings.

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Written by Paul Pulszartti


  1. There’s something to be said for minimalism… I’ve heard some folks call it lazy but I think it takes quite a bit of discipline and maturity to show that level of restraint