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Season of ice and snow.

Snow is one of the most mysterious things in the world that never ceases to amaze us. So I painted my landscape of ice and snow. I love this time of year and also inspire me for new ideas in my artworks.

The ice frozen leaves and branches on the ponds, where I went to skate like a boy.  Winter landscape full snows and ice. It’s nice memories that will remain engraved in my memory.

Winter creates sometimes too nice places in the city. If you are looking from a home window.  Light of Christmas lights, snow on the streets and buildings that make the atmosphere of winter. Time for family celebrations and gifts.

Winter mist in nature also gave me inspiration for a painting. This country has a unique beauty for me. Like finely white cotton.

Early in the morning, when fresh snow covered the landscape. Can I take a walk in the silent whiteness. It is so lovely and peacefull country for my soul.

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Written by Paul Pulszartti