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When can we be happy? Is it just a feeling? Temporary status? How to define happiness? Everyone wants to be happy. But how, exactly, does one go about it? We all want to find happiness, but it seems elusive. Can we learn more about happiness?

Something I painted on this theme. For me it is like a butterfly when it lands near me. It’s such a nice sunny day and the muse is breathing on me. I can paint and create my feelings, dreams and emotional experiences.

Or when i am with people who loves and rejoice together. Forget the worries and let the joy pass. Yes, if one is healthy and his loved ones too, that’s good luck. At school and at work, but especially in the family when we have it, it is a real happiness. It is a lot to talk about and it is so right.

Man is freed from daily worries when he makes others happy. We have around us and living creatures, and this also applies to them. I like to see my pet happy and cheer me up. We are on a walk with a dog and we play together.

The greatest joy for me to paint paintings. When I finish a painting and I am satisfied with it. I prepared an exhibition, enjoy it with the viewer and my work. So this happiness can not be bought for money.

You can see more of my paintings …


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Written by Paul Pulszartti


  1. Amazing. I really love the 2nd and 3rd painting shared. It was also cool seeing the picture of them in the gallery.

    You have an amazing gift, thank you for sharing!