Opening the gate.

Sci-fi movies for me was very popular from my boyhood. I did not let miss the opportunity to see their premieres. Universe, future, alternative history, advanced technology, unknown life forms, use of science and technology for the future of humanity that makes me extremely interested. It had an effect on some of my ideas in paintings.

Transition to another world has enabled them the Stargate. This is according to my imagination. It fascinated me and other interesting from that movie. Idea for painting I had from the film.

The Time Machine. When time stands still, those traveling into the past or future. I’ve seen more movies on this theme. The question is, how good it would be for humanity. At risk of abuse here.

Aliens abduct people for their experiments, and it is frightening stories for us.These stories are also filmed a lot and have a large audience.

Something to decongesting and amusement of my little monsters aliens. I painted it on the old seat of the chair and it’s a little sculpture.I can make fun and I like it. Because laughter is an important spice of life.


What do you think?

Written by Paul Pulszartti