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The Circus & Clowns

The circus, clowns and acrobats have long been the subjects of artists, famously Seurat, Picasso and Sir Peter Blake etc.  The notion of a circus… its human and animal performers, its traditions, its routines and big top-circus ring entertainment arena seem at odds with how, for example, clowns are more often than not portrayed in the arts as melancholic, lost or freakish. Clowns even have their own phobia: Coulrophobia. During the past year I have produced a number of artworks that collectively all into the category of The Circus & Clowns – see examples below.  For me most of these compositions have a discomforting feel of fears and phobias.


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Written by Gordon Coldwell


  1. yeah, i have always liked clowns and carnivals since i was a kid. they never scared me. they always look sad that i wanted to help them.

    clowns stranded in a dessert? that sounds like a fun artwork to draw—clowns singing in fondue? we need the edit button on our posts to fix our typos.

      • Hi Gordon. Some great work there. I like your style. I especially like the last one with the rhino. I’m pretty new to Virily too, but I think you can only edit your post while it is in the ‘pending’ stage. I don’t think you can edit it once it has been posted.

  2. I happen to love clowns, of all varieties out there. I’m afraid the internet had killed the circus in America. Hopefully something will come back, someone will remember that clowns are super cool! If they see this, they will cherish clowns again.