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In the Room

'In the Room' relates to the phrase The Elephant in the Room, which itself references the obvious and critical subject that nobody wishes to...

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Oberon – The Awakening

'Oberon - The Awakening' - after Raphael Oberon is the Fairy King in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. This reworking of a Raphael painting gives...

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The Golden Horse Whisperer & His Red Marble

'The Golden Horse Whisperer & His Red Marble' is a bird headed angel asking for directions or pointing the way. The artwork is after a...

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The Circus & Clowns

The circus, clowns and acrobats have long been the subjects of artists, famously Seurat, Picasso and Sir Peter Blake etc.  The notion of a...

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Frozen Distraction

'Frozen Distraction' - it's all about the Panther. I attended business networking meetings 3 times a week for 9 years. To me, the breakfast meetings...

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