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Survivor Syndrome – WIP

Remember the sexy pilot who then became plagued with guilt? By popular demand, she’s back and feeling guiltier than ever! She also now has a background, postwork and hair. I even gave her something to sit upon

#1 raw

some of you might even be happy with this version, but I wanted to take it in another direction, so...

11 points

#2 lomo

did I kill my old light sources or something?

9 points
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#3 grungetastic

brighter, yet still pretty dark

8 points

#4 holens

I seem to recall this treatment enjoying some popularity

7 points
      • Yes, that’d be my favorite. Perhaps too much exposure there, but I can see her cute guilty face clearly. ? I totally get your point but, as most of her expression is hidden here, she looks more apathetic than guilty to me (that’d be another interesting concept though, like she’s been through so much pain she is no longer able to have feelings).

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What do you think?

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