How to start selling your art in a print-on-demand shop!

Print-on-demand websites are an amazing way for an artist to sell there work to a larger audience. You can make some great money with it and it takes less work than running a print shop yourself. However, getting starter might seem a little difficult. Here are my tips for all artist who are interested in selling their artwork.

Why print on demand?

+ no shipping fees for you

+ get your art on products like mugs!

+ you keep the copyrights to your work

+ most POD sites are totally free so you can just start selling

+ you can sell any art (photography, digital, image manipulation)

1. Research the POD shops

There are many different kinds of print on demand websites, with their own rules and systems.  Finding one that fits all the criteria for you makes it easier to get started and to keep going. Personally, I use Society6 for my print on demand and I am content with it. But do check out some others as Redbubble and Zazzle.

Things to look out for;

– payout amount

– product quality

– sign on procedure

– prices and product variations

2. Learn how to edit pictures

With a little editing, you can totally change the quality of the images you are uploading. Make your products on the print on demand site go from good to amazing.

Just a cheap photo editing program will do. Adding brightness is often the most important step. Resizing and cropping are also important for the different products.

3. Scan or photograph your artwork

If your work isn’t digital already you will need to scan or photograph it!

Scanning is better for smaller artworks if you have a scanner. This is because the light will be more even!

Photography, however, if done well, will have amazing results as well. Especially for larger works, this will be the better option.

4. Promote online

The most important step is promoting your work outside of the actual site. So social media, you can join facebook groups or tell your friends and family.

Want to set up a society6 shop? This post tells you how to step-by-step.

I would love to know; have you ever thought about starting a print on demand shop? 


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  1. It seems that I am getting saturated with my main job in management and have started thinking to sell my works as an artist. I have been searching for the possible POD for that, and today I am greatly helped by your post. Thank you very much, Sofie.

  2. I’m on Redbubble, and that site works so well but i dont really had time to upload new drawings of mine, so yea… but like a year ago many people bought stuffs from me from there.:) So maybe i’ll start uploading there again:)
    Love this posts!