Tips for the stylish bedroom

The carpet

A real pleasure to get out of bed on a soft, pleasant carpet. And cold, unpleasant floors can ruin even the most perfect morning.


Most often we choose a theme for a baby room – for example, a spiderman or a princess. However, even the integrity of the adult interior is required. You can use wallpapers, curtains and bedspreads of the same texture and style.


In order to make the bed look luxurious and invite to lie down, the optimal number of cushions is from 2 to 6.

Place to sit down

This should not be a bed. The bedroom requires a corner where you can read a book, speak, or just take off your shoes.

No techology

I know it’s crazy for this age of technology, but at least you have to try to avoid the phone and the TV. And the sleep will be better and longer.

Night table

The table table not only looks stylish, but also performs its function perfectly – here lies your favorite book, luminaire and glass of water. There you may put some other personal things.

Photographs, paintings

Above the bed is perfect for painting or photography, but I advise you to choose non-family members pictures. It does not have to create certain associations, but simply stimulate a good, creative mood and atmosphere and look elegant.


Even the brightest and most elegant bedroom requires at least some dramaticity, sexuality, glamour. But do not forget the most important thing – balance, use only a few elements, do not overdo it.

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