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9 Places To Promote Your Art Work For More Exposure

Getting your art out there can feel super hard! Here are 9 ways to get more exposure for your artwork!

1. Re-post on social media

Posts on Twitter and Tumblr can be retweeted or reblogged and this can really help you keep some of your artwork around. (This one works best on Tumblr but art can definitely be shared multiple times!)

2. Add them to a forum or art community

If you are not one of those yet consider joining one. It is a great way to find other artists who can help you grow and learn. It is also a place many art lovers hang around!

3. Submit to gallery sites

There are Art blogs and sites who only curate content! These often have clear submission pages that make it super simple to submit!

4. Search for other artists who do features 

Artist often feature other people’s work too! I like sharing loads of people their art on Tumblr but there are also people who do this on Twitter or Facebook. So why not find them and reach out!


5. Submit to Instagram accounts and Tumblr blogs

Apart from artists, there are also blogs and Instagram accounts who only do features. This mostly works with finding the right hashtags!

6. Add them to your portfolio

If you don’t have one yet, why not make a digital portfolio site. That way it easier for people to find and share your work in one place.

If you have a blog you can easily add a page like that!

7. Join other portfolio sites 

Also, some portfolio sites come with social features which help you build an audience! Especially if they also have share buttons!

8. Find relevant Facebook groups 

If you can find groups that share your interest or theme these might be great for sharing your work and finding new people who like the same things you do.

For example, if you do pet portraits, why not join a group for pet lovers etc.

(but don’t Spam these places!)

9. Ask your friends to share your work 

Your friends might have different people following them then you do. So why not ask for a shoutout. Or if they are artist themselves why not collaborate or do a mutual shout out!

What is your biggest problem when promoting your artwork?

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