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Season's End – WIP

Let me begin by telling you that the whole reason I did Survivor Type to begin with was to play with light blooms, so I could use them in this piece, which is an old piece I’ve had on the back burner for a while but always wanted to finish. Now that I have a handle on how to use light blooms with the new engine, time to finish this one…

I am most likely going to tweak the pose next, since I am not entirely happy with her look. Most of the background is also subject to change, but the stop sign and crossing signal are definitely still in the final

#1 jacked

right now this one looks way oversaturated, but the light blooms will blow out a lot of the color, so it might work anyway

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#2 warm

this one may not be saturated enough to support the postwork, but as things stand it is the best of the lot so far...

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#3 base

this is a nice starting point, but it doesn't get the job done

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#4 crisp

this is actually workable, but it isn't the direction I had in mind. when you see a version with the light blooms like I did in Survivor Type, you'll see where this is meant to go

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What do you think?

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