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Survivor – WIP

This piece is much more predicated on developing a technique for capturing the golden hour than to create a stand alone work, but it turned out so nicely I might do a release version anyway

My current solutions remind me of 80s era apocalyptic movie posters. Nothing wrong with that!

#1 first

this is actually entirely accurate and usable, but it is the least dramatic of the lot

8 points
  1. You made me laugh…again. Well, we call it that because there are no more degrees beyond it that one can get, and also because most people who attain it are somewhat old (and wizened?) by the time we get there. It is sort of a play on words. Also the catacombs as we call them are not a particularly cheerful place. One does not hear laughter bouncing off the walls down there. Just an occasional pencil dropping onto the cement floor.

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#2 fourth

very soft focus solution here

7 points

#3 third

was able to sharpen up the face a bit while still keeping the notion of a bloom...

6 points

#4 second

more vivid colors here, but the light bloom is really starting to hide her face...

5 points

What do you think?

15 points


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      • Do not take any of my comment seriously Mr. Alex The Ledante because I am ignorant of arts and anything technical about it. I just appreciate anything based on my own perception. Like Gandalf and Harry of which all books I read but forgot many ???

          • I always explain my preferences, don’t I? Sometimes with clarity. Sometimes in the form of shenanigans. Now, the witch who is a queen, maybe my knowledge is limited, true. But, in my mind, a queenly witch does not need any props – not even a wand for a spell – because a witch’s best weapon is his (yes, even males are actually called witch, not warlock) or her mind. Therefore, that quality should be evident on the facial expression. I was looking for the “don’t-mess-with-me” look. Of course, that is just me.

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