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Survivor – WIP

This piece is much more predicated on developing a technique for capturing the golden hour than to create a stand alone work, but it turned out so nicely I might do a release version anyway

My current solutions remind me of 80s era apocalyptic movie posters. Nothing wrong with that!


What do you think?

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      • Do not take any of my comment seriously Mr. Alex The Ledante because I am ignorant of arts and anything technical about it. I just appreciate anything based on my own perception. Like Gandalf and Harry of which all books I read but forgot many ???

          • I always explain my preferences, don’t I? Sometimes with clarity. Sometimes in the form of shenanigans. Now, the witch who is a queen, maybe my knowledge is limited, true. But, in my mind, a queenly witch does not need any props – not even a wand for a spell – because a witch’s best weapon is his (yes, even males are actually called witch, not warlock) or her mind. Therefore, that quality should be evident on the facial expression. I was looking for the “don’t-mess-with-me” look. Of course, that is just me.


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