Love ItLove It

The seas sing Sirenese

There’s no sweeter swimmer the seas ever see.

A mysterious shimmer, some say to be,

a soul fisher, sole swimmer, to put it simply…

A catfish, I be but, simple is not me…

Pandoras’ box was a babies’ toy crate,

Medusas’ locks? Just handy fish bait.

Neptune and Nemo have quaked in her wake,

The Kracken, Calypso and Davey still shake.

The siren of bards, the queen of wet parts,

inspiring hearts, leagues of legend and arts.

Any fish who has smarts would recheck those charts

and depart when the “Mermaids’ Serenade” starts


What do you think?

Written by Beada Beada


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  1. All water creatures join there
    then departed with “Mermaids’ Serenade” sung together
    the little old bird was just jealous to see it but to swim didn’t dare
    while wincing waving his wings and moving further.

    And say “be careful on the road”.
    then mumble, “they are cute odd”.

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