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Be patient: wait for the right photo opportunity with children and animals.

They say that you shouldn’t work with children or animals; this is mostly because of their unpredictability. Often, just at the moment when you have the perfect picture, the child or animal will move spoiling the setting.

Sometimes the child will cry or not do what you want. Animals are particularly tough to work with as it is hard to get them to stay. However, it is possible to get great pictures with animals and children – the key is to expect the unexpected.

The picture I show is of my Grandson at Halloween. He looked adorable but I simply could not get him to look at the camera. For some reason, we had an old mirror on the floor – and the minute he saw his reflection everything changed. Suddenly I had the perfect photo opportunity.

So be patient and eventually the right photo opportunity will present itself.


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Written by SimeyC


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