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Blog: Thanksgiving with my clients

I spent my Thanksgiving holiday at work with my clients with intellectual disabilities. As someone who does not have any family in the city I currently live in or within a short radius, I’am open very much at any chance I get at giving them the holiday celebration they deserve and one in the image of how I’d want to celebrate. Sadly, a majority of my clients do not have family that comes around to celebrate with them, let alone visiting them on a regular. In order to take my mind off of not being with family, I made it fun for them by making sure their bellies were filled and joking with them that there is plenty more left over if you want more. I had that mindset that me and my family lived by when I was younger, such as eat, relax, sleep, repeat which my clients were not accustomed to. My motive came across as humorous because I kept trying to feed them more with a goal of postprandial somnolence which is how I believe Thanksgiving should be celebrated, hehe. 

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    • I put on a few pounds that I hopefully burned off or will burn off this week or weekend. Thanks to the few days away from the gym, lol. That was mostly because I was drained from the work hours. Didn’t want to do anything on top of being surrounded by good food.

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