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New Work – "LUCK AND OMEN"

Luck and Omen   –   photomontage  –  © 2018 – Howard Faxon

This work is not a part of any series. I construct these kind of images from my photographs and the photographs contain what is around me. I mix the birds in my yard, the plants in my yard, the insects or spiders, and things in my house.  What I see every day affects me without my knowledge. It colors my day so to speak. An image though, can be analyzed in the open.

Is it lucky or is it a warning? A black bird might be either, a coin on a neck chain is lucky, and a thistle is also up for grabs. A warm background color and branches lifting up are promising and a spider is icky. As we walk around each day most of what we see is not noticed really. So, when something sticks out it strikes us. Is it lucky to see a black bird? Did the wind just change? Did a spider pass by? … Was it luck or was it an omen?

What do you think?

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    • It’s a time for creating at night. … I told everyone, “It’s quiet and I can work”. Secretly I thought it’s a time to listen unguarded, to be open and sensitive. What was happening all around me was others dreaming. An atmosphere favoring creation maybe.
      I also often work at night. Thanks so much !

  1. Your new work is really beautiful. I always choose to believe it’s luck, even though some might say otherwise. I was born in 13th, though some might say we will have bad luck especially when 13th falls on Friday, I always think that’s my lucky day. When I believe it is, it will be. 😀 In fact, I don’t think I have experienced any bad luck on 13th or 13th Friday. 😛

  2. was it art or was it great art, to continue your theme.
    there is a lot to unpack in this bag Howard. I am not sure I have enough time to break down the moving pieces.

    The weather vane in front is interesting…East is the most obscured direction so I will go that way!

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