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My Mona Lisa

That’s it embroidered by me. To see her in this finished look I was three years old. I started embroidering tapestries in my youth. I had a great need to save my nerves after the beatings and house bullying. Women who suffer from these severe trials have been advised to me. And thanks to

they now enjoy 3 grandchildren. It’s not easy to embroider tapestries. Your thought is steadily occupied by counting the stitches. It is precisely on this cohesive attention that your thoughts are busy, and you are lagging behind bad things. I call it therapy for treating mistreated women. I have many tapestries. Unfortunately, I have only three here in Spain. The others stayed in my ex-husband’s home. Believe me, good is bad after all. The trials for me were great. Thanks to embroidering I kept myself. And now I’m happy with three grandchildren.

Now little info about the original at https://bg.wikipedia.org

Mona Lisa or La Gioconda, Jokonanda – “Merry Woman” is an oil painting on a 16th-century poplar tree by Leonardo da Vinci and is one of the most famous paintings in Western art history; few other pictures are so famous and reproduced. The painting is owned by the French government and stored in the Louvre in Paris.

I apologize for not getting a good picture as a portrait. But when embroidering a large size tapestry, a curvature is produced. The laundry is adjusted a little. And when framed this problem is not visible. But my are ready for sale and therefore they are not framed.

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