Love ItLove It

The colors of the world

They are the same all over the world. They are not like us people with different skin color. For them there are many poems created. But I chose only one.

I’ll take the red paint

from the color of some beautiful rose

and I will draw love with her,

and in it the shadow of two people.

The yellow paint will donate me

tireless sun rays

and with hand love will go

happiness and beauty.

Forests, grasses, meadows, mountains

the green paint will donate me

and I will picture it

health for people.

I’ll pick up the blue paint

from the heavens of God

and I will picture it

human life.

What is the world without colors ?!

I hope I do not understand …

What is life without love, happiness, beauty and health ?!

I hope I do not mean …


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Written by lacho59