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Do You Love Mystery?

I am a painter of mystery. I think many artists struggle with a mystery phase of creating sometimes called a “Artist Block” trying to...

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New Year Celebration in Abstract Digital Fireworks Thanks for your views this year. May 2018 be wonderful for us all! This slide show is composed of images created recently here at

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Why You Can Never Finish

The below images are titled: Wizardry, On Horseback, Dark Knight, Famished Cookie Monster, Waking Cookie Monster, Disco, Fishing, Bugling You Can Never Learn To Be An...

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Too Much Information – Over Stimulation

Is my brain slowing with age? I am overwhelmed when faced with a constant diet of verbal content and visual content. If I can limit the...

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A Gradient Filled Day Perhaps these will show up when I publish this, the preview does not look too promising. The link is to my daily slide show...

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