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Last Hint – WIP

So the Egyptian, and the guy that most of you mistook for a woman and this guy walk into a bar… they probably did that, since they were on a road trip. Anyway, that’s your last hint. Do you know who they are now?

#1 ornate style

Here he is, all gussied up in his best duds

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#2 plain wrap

this is the original recipe, but his clothes just weren't fancy enough...

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  1. Well I am really not sure who they all are. The only thing that comes to mind is that they are magis going on the quest for the baby Jesus as Christmas is around the corner. But I am probably totally wrong and I will not mind if you laugh at my answer and tell me that I am mistaken.

      • Wow I got it right? I can’t believe this. Hourray for me! Thank you for confirming my suspicions. But one last question: why is there a maji that has the hat of either a Chinese or Asian type person. There were not majo from that region. Unless you are just going with your flow and that is OK if you are. BTW great imagination you have.

        • They were described as three wise men from the east, but their names and nationalities were never called out. If anything, my anachronism was to include an Egyptian, since he would’ve come from the west…