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Ivorian Artist Beautiful Arts From Used Cane.

Waste is the major problem around the globe due to which there is a huge increase in pollution and addressing the same issue, the recycling of goods is being promoted.

On this an African artist also presented a wonderful example. Artist Wilfried Teror, artist of Abid Jan city in the western African country of Ivory Coast, created beautiful artifacts from used cans. This artist collects soda and beer cans, from the streets of the city and cut them into small pieces and makes them beautiful artifacts.

Fried, took this idea after seen the city’s unusual pollution. In this city every year 50 million tonnes waste are collected in which only 10 % are recycled.

Fried says that his efforts will make people aware that sprouted waste is also their responsibility, and used things carefully and learn how to recycle things again. One of the evidence is that now the people of the city collect waste and give them to fried, So that he can create more artifacts.

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