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One Line Drawing Challenge

In art class one year the students were taught how to draw a picture by just using one line. The lines must not cross! This is just a simple one. Connect the dot book activities show this concept pretty well most of the time. A friend of mine in high school drew a picture of a horoscope sign by just using one line. it was awesome looking. I started out by drawing an ostrich lol. 

I know there are a lot of good artist here on Virily, but you can still have fun with this challenge if you can’t draw well.  Draw something easy that starts with one line and ends in another line, but the lines must not cross.

From this picture you should be able to see the word start on the top half, and the word finish on the bottom half. Have fun!


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


  1. I imagine that this idea was sparked by the example of the Nazca Lines in Peru. These are ancient pathways that can be seen best from the air and were once thought to be the work of little green men from outer space! However, they are exactly what you describe – patterns and representations composed of a single line, such that somebody could walk the whole length of a design without ever crossing their path or that of anyone else.