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it's zombie time! – WIPs

I will feature the members of #TeamRoadkill soon, but this post is all about their opponents. These are some of the zombies that Daisy and the gang will be facing. Tanoshimi ni shite kudasai…

#1 zombie cheerleader

I suppose there was a cheerleader eating at the diner when it all went down

#2 zombie cook

I figure a roadside diner that has been overrun by zombies would have a short order cook in there somewhere...

#3 zombie waitress

What's a roadside diner without waitresses? I mean, really...


What do you think?


  1. I saw someone who looked a bit like that zombie cook on a street in Oakland once, only he was coming from a butcher shop and had a LOT of blood all over his apron.

  2. My!! *runs*

    Reminds me of resident evil … (the last FPS Zombie game I played)

    The last one really showcase the wound, rotting flesh …
    Very cool!!

    Is this a halloween theme?