Hand Were Covered In Blood

After a while be a consultant & trainer, I asked myself, “Does this hand ever hurt, make other people bleed or even die bloodily?”

Perpetrators of physical violence such as robbers, murderers or terrorists are easily referred to as those whose hands were once or always bloodied. Are only those who cruel and sadistic actors? What about us? 

“Ahh… I do not!” Many friends reactively spontaneously replied so!

I asked myself, “Have I ever persecuted others?”

“Have I ever ordered or sought or incited others, with or without consciousness, so that he committed acts of persecution that made others suffer?”

 “Have I ever been a leader, a friend or as anyone upset someone so that he committed a bloody violence as an outlet?”

Have I ever slandered, or lied, or scorned or thrown responsibility, or allowed others to bear my iniquity because of my cowardice in such a way as to make it miserable? “

 “Have I ever misled the way of one’s life through an ideology, a worldview, a doctrine or an egoism that I presume always be right until the person (possibly and his family) falls, crumbles, suffers? Or is that person oppressing others for it? “

“Have I ever been unfaithful to the point of hurting, frustrating and discouraging others and put them in the possibilities of misery?”

“Have I ever expected something bad to happen to others because of my anger or hatred?”

“Have I ever prayed for something bad or cursed someone else?”

There are a lot more questions raging, and the more questions the more assertive answer… Yes, I have ever done it!

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Deep Within series Hand Were Covered In Blood.


What do you think?


  1. I have been hurt many times over. Especially family. I have had to forgive in order to heal. Lashing out never resolves anything.

  2. It stresses the point of needing to forgive, let God be the judge and not presume to be his equal.
    Judgement can be a reason for violence, Eye for Eye.
    So it continues with places like the middle east and around the world they did this therefore.
    It goes on and on and seems never to end.
    Therefore , to reach the point of forgiveness, acceptance of others, and your own role in this life to be who you are, no more no less.
    All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
    Thats why we must face our own life and try to improve, not weigh judgement on others, except lend a helping hand or give encouragement.

    • Yes, indeed, Pamela. You make an important conclusion here. Forgiveness is very important to give peace and peace of mind, but that is the point of view of the victim, not the perpetrator. Here I question the actions, engagements, violence trigger that we might do so that we not only see how others do it and we condemn it, but also the possibilities that we are also “actors”. It is merely an introspective thinking to prevent ourselves from doing so and not always merely blame others.

      • Perhaps, we do need to say then, that those who harm others account for their action? There is truth to it. People who commit crime often in the western world seem to get off lightly. Maybe they need to face the reality of what they have done?
        We need to extend ourselves beyond the world of being “Actors in a play”?
        Just a question

  3. I try not to judge others. Your post will help all that read it take a long hard look at themselves. I did! I try just to be an example to others, and leave the judging to God.

  4. If you can not do something good for somebody. Do not harm him. My mother taught me that. I get the translator to translate it well