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People are immersed in the literature to find answers to questions of being and relationships. Some read the classics, some rely on philosophers or ancient sages, and others rely on the books of current experts investigating the interconnected relationships.

I think we don’t have to go far to find the answers, sometimes they are right there, we just have to listen to older people of a good age. They have experience and often know how life has to be put together. Often, as teenagers, we don’t listen to our parents, and as we age, we realize that everything is the way they told us. Only we did not believe because of our youthful naivete and were right to ourselves.

There are simple laws of life that cannot be denied: every action has a reaction, and we will not avoid it.

I find information and erudition everywhere, I am very curious, I like to analyze everything, I read and I am interested in a lot of things and find what works for me. Even seemingly simple and banal articles are sometimes eloquent. And in simple comedy, a grain of wisdom can be found.

The best medicine – work on yourself and analyzing yourself. And the answers often come spontaneously, unexpectedly. We just need to see them.

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