Hand To Hand

Onward with body parts. Here is a quiz with songs that have hand in the title.

  • Question of

    The ever-popular Beatles song I Want To ________

    • Hold Your Hand
    • Take Your Hand
    • Have Your Hand
  • Question of

    Bon Jovi couldn’t wait to be loved Lay Your

    • Hand On My Shoulder
    • Hands On Me
    • Hands on My Body
  • Question of

    Fleetwood Mac had a big hit with this song

    • Hands On News
    • Hands Now
    • Second Hand News
  • Question of

    The Rolling Stones sang about this kind of hand

    • Hand Of Fate
    • Fate’s Hand
    • Hand Holds Fate
  • Question of

    Barbara Streisand had a fun song to sing

    • Rosie’s Hand
    • Second Hand Rose
    • Hand Me Rose
  • Question of

    Eric Clapton sang a fun song to dance to Willie and

    • Dancing Jive
    • Dance Kings
    • the Hand Jive
  • Question of

    Black Sabbath had a scary song

    • Hand of Doom
    • Doom’s Hand
    • Hand Over Doom
  • Question of

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono had a loving song

    • Our Hands
    • Your Hands
    • My Hands
  • Question of

    Bryan Adams wanted to feel close

    • Take My Hand
    • Hand Close
    • Touch the Hand
  • Question of

    Nina Simone sang about the world He’s Got the Whole World ________

    • In His Hands
    • By the Hand
    • On the Hand


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