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Gunslinger – WIP

I am not going to do this to you again, but I’ve decided for once to drag you through an abridged version of my process; you’re only going to be subjected to less than half of the workflow…

#1 stage 1

here I am doing a remix of Daisy's gunslinger pose, which means I've already posed her so we don't need to worry about that part of the process

#2 stage 2

I'm just going to fuss with the materials settings a bit, but notice that I don't render anything unneccissary- it cuts back on my render times

#3 stage 3

so I've reintroduced the gaiters and am tweaking the materials a bit...

#4 stage 4

wardrobe complete; now I need to bring the hair back. note I forgot to do her nails...

#5 stage 5

once I've got the surfacing sorted, it is time to set up a light rig; this can be a long and involved process...

I can do this sort of thing all night long

#6 stage 6

generally, I only do it for a few hours until I get burned out and then I switch gears; sometimes I set up new materials (remember the beach studies?) or I do some housekeeping on the system

#7 work in progress

done with the materials upgrades and new light rig; now I just need to add the guns and ditch the placeholder background for something suitable

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