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guns guns guns – WIP

hopefully you’ve all seen the update for the vending machine piece, but even if you haven’t this post is more guns. sorry for the misleading title. so think about which gun would be most suitable for our cover loving protagonist

#1 phalanx

there are some parts of this model I don't care for, but they will be hidden by her hand. lucky!

5 points

#2 stinger

a more streamlined version of the phalanx

5 points

#3 chibi bolter

this will be perfect for something. might wanna go full Sanrio...

4 points

#4 ACE blaster

as opposed to the acme one I did in the previous post

4 points

#5 phaser

you KNOW this one has a stun setting

4 points

What do you think?

10 points


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  1. Some of this reminds me of Star Wars for some reason….I like all of them.
    We are not really allowed to carry guns in New Zealand and if we do have them, we need a gun licence.
    Unfortunately people do what they want with guns in New Zealand and the law is almost totally ineffective.

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