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Finally Free!

I forgot to mention that I am back from utah and am thrilled to be out of that miserable excuse for a state. This is exactly how I feel to be home, but it isn’t how I look since I am not a girl with cat ears and I don’t live in Japan. But it looks totally patriotic and I bet Fukufuku would feel national pride if he saw it

Also, this is what it sounds like to be home and free from utah. It is the happiest song I have ever heard ever. And it has a tremendously upbeat ending, because at the end I am home and not in some backward excuse for a state the even the state troopers insult

Dig my manga technique


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    • I hate utah because it is a desert wasteland ten hours away from my house each way. If the Mormons are to blame for the stupid liquor laws up there then I have a problem with them, too but I didn’t before and I don’t now that I’m back in sinny California

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