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eternal champion – mashup

The multiverse is composed of two forces- chaos and law, which must constantly vie with eachother. But since either of them gaining complete power would end the multiverse, the cosmic balance must ensure that neither side upsets the natural order

#1 full effect

this is the full effect, which is way too dark but super cool looking...

#2 preview

here is my current progress, the balance seems to be about right so I can progress to the next level, where I actually integrate the beasties

#3 light effect

and here is a test of the light effect the client wants for the image, but it is too dark right now...

#4 monster mashup

you've seen me do this sorta thing before, where I just bolt on a bunch of images into a single piece. this just gives me an idea of the palette and to a lesser extent the layout I might want for the final


What do you think?

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  1. first, thank you. Champions out to save the world, do not always have time to shower! Therefore their hair would be unkempt.

    I like all of these, the last two are really close! Light effect is the better by just a nose!


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