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cosmic champion – WIP

Just about ready for a test print. Hopefully I have this all sorted out and fixed everything wrong with the previous versions… there are still some things that need to be addressed but on the whole I think this solution should get the job done

#1 default

a new buddy for the champion to play with

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#2 tweaked

perhaps the other skintone works better

#3 mashup

just making sure that everything is right where it belongs

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#4 alternate

this one has a few fixes but still needs a few more...

  1. Okay, this pose makes him look a little more evil. The other one felt more like “beautiful hair, let me touch it”. ? I like how the eyes and teeth stand out, which brings me back to a brief thought I had with the dark versions, of adding creepy eyes in the black (or almost black) background.

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#5 painterly

somehow I think Kim is going to have an issue with this new composition

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