Early Reader Books: The Hungry Donkey

The Hungry Donkey by Heather Amery is a delightful little book for early readers. With help and encouragement from an adult, young children who are just beginning to read, will be able to read the whole book by themselves and follow the story too.

The book is about a naughty donkey, Ears. She lives on Apple Tree Farm with Mrs Boots, the farmer and her two children. When the family goes to a show, Ears is very naughty and eats up a lady’s hat. but then she enters the Best Donkey Competition and wins a hat for the lady and a rosette for herself.

The amazing thing about the book is that it contains two levels within the same text. On top are single sentences that make up the whole story for very early readers . For more advanced readers, the story is told in small paragraphs.

There’s also a little yellow duck hidden on every page which children have to find making reading even more exciting. What more can a mother want!


What do you think?

Written by Dawnwriter


    • You are absolutely correct Albert. When my older daughter started reading, I did not know what to look for when it came to English books. It is amazing how a book for a curious 5 year old can differ from a book suitable for a struggling 5 year old reader. It is wrong to expect each child to read according to the age bracket.

      • That’s one of the reasons I mean. Every child’s interests and talents are different. We can not generalize them only by age and gender. Maybe we can point out various options, but to the extent possible let the children choose it, although it is important to keep our input and reasonable consideration.