September 20 is Positive Thinking Day

I woke up in the morning, intent and determined on getting things done. Although I didn’t make out a paper list, the list was in my head. By midday, I went on the internet to take a break, and while playing City Girl game, I noticed that today is Positive Thinking Day. It really did feel positive, even though I wasn’t aware of the actual day be set by someone. Who creates this day anyway? There are also National and International Days.

To have a positive day, start out your day with meditation. You can just meditate as you slowly sip your cup of coffee or tea as you think about what you want or need to do. Then, make a to-do checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. If you finish everything on your list within one day, then reward yourself. You don’t have to buy anything. Do something fun, such as relax in your bed and read a fun book or watch a good movie. Play an internet game, such as YoWorld, City Girl Life, IMVU, Lady Popularity, or anything else. Or, just go out somewhere and have fun.


What do you think?


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