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Different Time

We have reached a point

above the clock finger

when the ultimate righteousness

in all sense

all faith

through perceptions

or own experience

is freely said everywhere

we are no longer stoned

or burned

for letting go of the truth

as long as we

do not touch the pride

of a name.

We are more courageous

and independent

to offer options

to think about

ideas to be trusted

or the spirit of self-revolution

to do

throwing inspiration

though not necessarily heard.

(maybe just marked as a mosquito in the spider web to eat at the right time).

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – Different Time.


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      • Style is right, as logic and reason have no influence in the disinformational sound and site bite attention atmosphere that currently infects every, government, culture, race, belief, vocation and discipline, and has toppled every empire I’ve seen since that Tutankhamen kid took control of that temple building project.
        Woah! See what you made me say? You are so profound and I, so irreverent…I am 3003 years old though. Grin.

    • Yeah. The era of rampant colonialism has passed, as well as the dark era of religious coercion, and politics. People are more open and more accepting of differences. Although it must be careful because certain laws in certain countries can trap those who are considered wrong to talk. Thank you very much for your opinion, Carol.

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