Designing Adult Coloring Book: Symmetry and Balance

In this installment about designing an adult coloring book, I want to tackle the subject that has been annoying to me to a certain degree but quite necessary when it comes to doing an adult coloring book. That is symmetry and balance, which is the final step before download and dpi to ensure the design is right.

Symmetry is making sure that the background and the forefront design go together. This can be essential for someone such as me who uses public domain clip art. Why, because we want it to look seamless not like something was placed on top of something else. In other words, have to look like the entire thing was drawn together not placed together which was actually the case but don’t want that to be so obvious. One way this is accomplished is by what is illustrated in the first design from my Hearts and flowers book, which is making sure that a dark background is on a dark image.


What do you think?


Written by PAF

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