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Reveal of the Mystery Flower

I recently wrote about an edit I made to one of my flower photos. I asked if you could identify the photo edited. Unfortunately I did not receive too many entries. Here is the post in case you missed it:   Mystery Flower.       

So I will reveal, to those interested, the flower edited. Drum roll…. it was a Sedum. This plant stays on my deck from spring through fall. I then keep it in my garage over the winter. Then bring it back out in the spring. I am considering planting it in my garden as it is outgrowing the container. Do you have a preference in these photos? Some prefer edited photos over the original. What about you?


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Written by Carol DM


      • I keep mine on my deck but need to move it. There are two main types of sedum—creeping and upright. The creeping varieties of sedum make great groundcovers in rock gardens and through cracks in walls. Many creeping types of sedum will root wherever they touch ground, and they can easily fill a space. Upright sedums form tight clumps of foliage and don’t spread. This sort of sedum can be easily divided in spring to make more plants.