Creating and Adult Coloring Book: Step One Visiting Public Domain Websites

As I posted the videos for my adult coloring books here on Virily I some of you inquired about how I went about doing this.  There were also comments about how well it was going for me?  First, let me cover this question, it’s going slow. So, far very few of these have sold, the one that has done the best has been Kaleidoscope Patterns.  Ironically this was the book I had to talk my sister into doing, she isn’t a fan of pattern coloring books, but she went along with it, and probably now glad she did.

Alright, now onto the first step in my process for those who are curious to know. After my sister and I decide on a concept (guess that is actually the first step) I go over to one of two public domain websites that photos can be found.  These two websites are and  The reason I chose these two over others is for well two reasons.  First and most important this is public domain and these websites, unlike some others, don’t require that a credit is given to the person who supplied the image. Second, these two websites offer various ways to download the image easily be it through jpg, pdf or through another type of download preference.

Now when looking for images I tend to go for something in black and white or as some artist tend to call it line art. Pixabay actually comes out on top with this because they offer the feature of narrowing down a search to just black and white images.  Alright, now after I have found something is that it, am I done?  Well, at one time pains me to say this I use to think so, but turns out this is just the first of many steps in the process and for those interested I will be going into these in a later post.  The next one I will tackle will be taking these images and enhancing them changing them to make them uniquely yours.


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