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Free Image Editor Great Online Photo Tool

This is a website that I discovered a few months back and I am here to tell you that I consider it to be amazing when it comes to the editing of photos.  As someone who designs coloring books for adults, I have found that there was an issue that I was facing.  When I went to find images to use on public domain website such as pixabay these were usually transparent.  This made overlapping of designs and placing great backgrounds behind a design well quite challenging.

I know there is a way to do this in the MS paint tool but trying to figure that out wasn’t easy.  I found myself thinking there had to be an easier way to go about making an image solid while removing the white background or for that matter any background not wanted in the photo.  So, I spent about two days doing searches on Google for such information.  Finally, I found someone on a forum that mentioned a website called Free Image Editor.

All I can say is wow what a great website, and guess what it’s free.  I have found this website to have taken my work to the next level. Now designing adult colorizing books which is what I do is just one of the ways this invaluable tool can be utilized. Also, there are other tools found there not just the transparency tool found in the wizard section but that one alone is worth checking the website out.  But there are also other graphic tools that people can utilize to use on their photos.  This is truly a website worth looking at for anyone who loves photography and scrapbooking, there you can really take your photos to the next level.  Now in order to find the website just go to your search engine of choice type in the words free image editor, I guarantee it will pop up as one of the first search results, I have done this myself.


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Written by PAF