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Crazy Colours Challenge – Orange

I published this post yesterday but Virily Editor put it back into drafts and asked me to add more words to my post.

I could not add any words to my previous post because there was no way I could edit the post so I cant do it that way.

So here I do it all over again for Kims Crazy colour challenge.

Thanks Deepizzaguy for your kind comments, and sorry I couldn’t respond.

A computer art work done by me of a dragon flying in-between 2 rocky cliffs.

Simple and easy to do. 

I suppose Virily staff haven’t got the time to respond to my answer to Virily Editor so just put in another post instead. It must be hard with only 3 people to do the work of hundreds of those who put work on this website. Websites have mechanical rules and complicated technology that is a bit beyond my knowledge at this time. I know that websites could be simple or hard. None escape technical problems. 

I think the key to anyone who uses Virily is just patience. Be kind to other and exercise patience. Be thankful as I am certainly glad to have the opportunity and there is always another side there are people who work here that have been extremely patient and kind to others. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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