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I’m a passionate person. A lady who speaks her mind.  I’m notorious for ranting, saying what I think, being blunt, being honest. I wrote this a couple of months ago, I was angry at the mentality of the men I encountered in a village I live in.

I have started doing recorded spoken word because I don’t feel welcome to go to open night events in the place I currently reside.

I hate injustice, hypocrisy, discrimination and people who blame others for their problems.


What do you think?

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Written by Dazee Willow

Incomprehensible literate, music is spiritual. Reborn serendipitist, too sleepy to be 'woke', Exhiled 2 B a ? bah! by militant Black sheep elitist tribe.


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    • It does feel quite one sided. It’s so frustrating to listen to people blame their parents or society for a reason to fail or self medicate. When I have made mistakes ( I make many), I always put up my hands and say -It’s my choice.


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