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City Girl (Artwork)

Title: City Girl

Made with:Gimp 

Style: Graphic Design 

© Courtney Dutton

Hello everybody,

Here is another art piece I made using Gimp. I am sure you all have heard of it by now if you have seen my artwork. It’s a free image manipulation program (just to catch you all up).

In this art piece I used pinks and blues for the background. I added an effect to the background using a “sun ray” brush that I have.  Over that I added some clouds and a moon in the middle of the piece. On the bottom I added a skyline silhouette (from a brush that I downloaded) and some birds.  The main focus is the girl standing on the skyline.

What story do you think that tells? I would love to hear your interpretation of my art work. It’s always fun to hear what different people see in an art piece.

I hope you all enjoy the art piece. Thank you for your time!


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