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otaku still life – WIP

should probably have a title more like “Still Life with Otaku Objects” or something like that, but IHMO that title is too good for this piece, so it will wait for a more deserving work of art. meanwhile you get this…

#1 floppy test

this is a formica table. green is its color...

#2 suspiciously familiar object

Kim requested to see the inside of the ornate globe the potion vendor had for sale and I decided to honor her request. that started this whole thing

#3 superior revision

it does look like formica, but a bit too shiny

#4 bishop

I always used to stick chess pieces in my art, and they're pretty otaku

#5 spanish tiles

and then suddenly it became clear- spanish tiled counter top

#6 work in progress

the counter doesn't have a bumpmap yet, but it is looking pretty good...

this is my banner for August if you hadn't already guessed

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