A Certain Sense of Liberty – giclee print

Once I read a book on philosophy, which suggested that we are born “Tabula Rasa”, a blank sheet of paper. As we begin to experience life, these events are recorded upon that sheet. Perhaps this is true, but it has never struck me as an accurate metaphor. I feel like my soul is more like a sheet of paper, which has been folded and creased and bent back upon itself, whether or not events have also been writing on it. I hope that one day, all the pain I’ve felt will turn me into something beautiful, like a sheet of paper that was tortured into the shape of an origami crane.

#1 release version

This is a really old piece, but it held up much better than I'd have expected. It is a companion to Dead Birds Fly Again and Heya no Tsuru


Generally I make the ACEOs as close to the standard prints as I can, but this one needed to go landscape

#3 charcoal value study

This is a charcoal study, as opposed to my usual rough sketch. Since this is one of the first pieces I did with LuxRender, I didn't yet have a modus operandai and did things quite a bit differently than I do now


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