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Bad mood can create something beautiful

Sometimes, like everyone else, I get into a bad mood.

What it can be – everything! From the change of time, from some failure, from my family’s problems … Or from everything.

And so. On one such Saturday, when my mood was below 0, I decided to stay home and lie in bed and do nothing.

My girlfriend came back from a meeting with friends and wore that twig with leaves.

Beautiful leaves dyed with the colors of autumn.

For a while I looked at it just like that – without thinking of anything.

I threw it in my hand and somehow in each leaf I could see the nuances of my mood during the day.

Something you’ve gotten me up and made me look positive. Little by little my mood started to get better.

I took the camera and took some pictures of this branch.

Yes, there is also something of my bad attitude – the black background.

Well, that’s the story of a past day and of those pictures.

In general – and bad mood can create something beautiful.


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Written by Georgi Tsachev


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