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An art piece isn’t to write & explain…

I LOVE creating, just as much as other’s here love writing, I will tell you what I DON’T like —interpreting every single thing I create. No, that’s for the observer. I truly enjoy when my friend’s do that with the work I show them.

Most recently I allowed a friend here to see the above piece (as we do often), before placing it publicly, in her eyes the above looked quite haunting, her precise words were “poster for a horror movie?”. Can’t deny I enjoyed that (sometimes she enjoys teasing as well, but that’s the kind of friendship I keep ?).

So with keeping the above statements in mind, remember I create FOR YOU TO INTERPRET as you see fit, good or bad.

If you enjoy my work please visit any one of my shops. Here’s one of my most recent Coqui Unlimited’s Art, if there’s something you’d like to request give me a buzz, I’m always open for suggestion’s.


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  1. Great post, I totally agree. Unfortunately most of the sites that host our work (Artists) require a write up of sorts to allow our posts to be published. I have a difficult time writing those. I also feel that by having to ‘Title” some of my works, dampens the experience of my viewers because I have influenced what I think they should see by using a title. Most of my works else where were numbered. The numbers I use are actually my catalogue system. So the Title helped me locate a specific piece in case I needed to re render it for a Sale. Maybe this post will fall on the right eyes and …..

    • I figured that happens here, hence the reason for this post. It’s an inspirational killer. I’m sorry your work got denied, because of that.

      Thank you so much for the incredible comparison (?), now I will take a look at his work (its been ages). ? ❤️

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