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affirmative action stormtrooper – WIP

Fanservice from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

#1 toast

aren't you a little HAWT for a stormtrooper?

6 points

#2 raw

even the empire isn't immune to affirmative action hires

5 points

#3 soho

a little more vibrant than the others, but still retains some nice darks. it's a slow burn...

5 points

#4 smooth color pop

smooth color pop is less of a name and more of a brute force description of what this effect does. that having been said, it is still a fun title...

4 points
  1. Phew… sorry I got busy again, this time from moving from one apartment to another one closer to work. tsk… work is beginning so quite tied up here.

    I thought you use the power of Thanos to search me. lol. somebody put my picture in the milk carton, but did not reach Southeast Asia, only US tsk!

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#5 initial rough

her armor is too bright, and so is the light rig. also the belt isn't right

3 points

#6 more tweaks needed

lighting and armor fixed, but her blaster still bugs me

3 points

What do you think?

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