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All Your Base Are Belong To Us – WIP

Someone set up us the bomb! Okay, it was me. I set you up the bomb. But then I set up you the background and the fanservice, so we’re cool. Right?

Anyway, compare and contrast with the previous iteration

#1 tread texture

I am not going to use a bald tire if I can do anything about it. Spoiler Alert: I can...

6 points

#2 the new tire

seriously, go check out the original tire which was all bald and shiny and sucked

6 points

#3 raw

but hey, check out that snazzy new background

6 points
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#4 Urbanx

that's sharp. and the tires look so much better. I should've cropped the rim out, though...

6 points

#5 honky tonk

perhaps a bit too washed out?

6 points

#6 photo bomb

it somehow looks better as a celphone snap, but now the background and the bombs are even less prominent...

6 points

What do you think?

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