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Abstract Photo Moto – New Twist – "Omnivorous" – (APM 2 – 07)

“Omnivorous” – (APM 2 – 07)

This art film is part of a series I am making that is based in abstract photography. They are time consuming but fun to make. The “Abstract Photo Moto Series” pays homage to the small gauge art films I was immersed in during the early 1980’s. I use the same techniques used to make the old 8mm art films. This time, however, I used modern tech to make them. The result is old school analog techniques in high definition.

This one, titled “Omnivorous”, is my first test of weaving real world footage into the abstract and silent films. Adding disparate footage is part of the phase two plan. This footage was altered to be black and white. There is something counterintuitive about that. I can’t say why it works. It seemed that it should prove to be difficult before I started. The results really surprised me though; and, it seemed too easy to slip this wildlife footage in there. It seems to work. I am interested in what you think about this. Sometimes what works on the first try never works well again. I am hopeful that the finished phase two films of this project will include footage like this. It’s a pretty promising start I think.

©2019 – Howard Faxon

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    • It was versatile enough for me to start using it as a sketch pad for printmaking. Then some of those became things in themselves. I can’t help pushing any media I can get – like what can I do now with this. Try something random, create a problem, and fight my way out. But I make sculpture, blown glass, ….the digital is not a specialty or anything. This is more fun than the 8mm and pretty much free. In phase two I hope to get a couple of really good flicks out of all this work I did so far..
      Show me a media and I will push it!

    • Thanks Carol – you’re very kind. I will keep sharing them. I think it’s easier to watch around one minute for something like this. Even two minutes can become tedious maybe. Do you like the shorter ones? Thank you again for your kind words.

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