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New Asian home.

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creative and modern

The house is designed in the style of modern architecture, focusing primarily on the ability, eliminating the cumbersome. The exterior is simple and has a coarse feel but it gives a feeling of peace and comfort.

The design is unique, in contrast to traditional houses. Entrance to the house is designed from above the floor, the function room is arranged below. To enhance privacy, the bedrooms are deep inside the hills. The above is planted a lot of herbs are good for health.

An infinity pool is designed just under the old oak tree. This is not the perfect choice for water filtration systems, but it’s aesthetically pleasing. What better way to relax in the water and see the spectacular nature.

The whole interior of the house is made entirely of oak, a very popular wood here. Highlighted with high hardness, strength and waterproof, oak wood has beautiful natural lines. Not only aesthetic effect but it also makes space become warm, contrasting with the cold rough exterior.

The design of the wall and the large glass so that space can receive sunshine full of poetic. Walls are concrete slabs that provide stability to the home, which can withstand natural disasters. Not only that, it is economical, easy to install and friendly to the environment.

I only describe it like that but want to know it depends on you.


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