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Attractions Škogja Loka – Loka Castle

Loka Castle is raised 475 meters above the city Škofja Loka. It was built on the edge of the natural terraces and under it there was a settlement of traders and craftsmen.

The castle was first mentioned in the 1202.

The original castle was built by the Bishops of Freising. It was the place of administrator or chieftain and it was lodging bishop when he came to see his lordship. At the 1511 the earthquake almost completely destroyed it, but Shkof Filip gave it to recover. In the courtyard of what was once a mighty square tower, whose foundations are still visible today.

Today, the castle is dedicated to collections Loka Museum, where you can see the cultural, ethnological, historical, art historical and natural science wealth Škofjeloško territory. The area around the castle is a place for concerts and walking trails, which are the most beautiful in the summertime.

Loka Museum protecting the cultural and natural heritage of Škofja Loka area.The outdoor museum is located in the immediate vicinity of the castle and was built in 1962. It is located pavilion, mill, fruit avenue, garden, herb garden, Skopar house, hayrack, a fountain, a linden tree, planted in 2009 on the 70th anniversary Loka Museum, summer theater, linden avenue and others.

Near the pavilion’s viewpoint, which offers a breathtaking view of the Škofja Loka and its surroundings.


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